The sad truth is – this is not old news

by Leah Rosenberg

This threat of Somali migrants in Lake Calhoun is not a lone incident. It is most definitely not the only time Muslim migrants have terrorized a community.

Somali Migrants in Minneapolis

This case is horrible. A woman who is afraid to reveal her identity as she speaks out about the Somali migrants who threatened to kidnap and rape her. And that was not the first time they visited that community.

Although this specific incident happened a few years ago, it seems the world and America did not learn their lesson. A terror attack in Manchester, England was also perpetrated by a man from a Somali family. Throughout Europe, there have been rape epidemics – by who? Muslim migrants. Some countries decided to have open borders, putting their entire people at risk. And that is why America has to take immigration laws seriously. Americans themselves should want the same thing. They should want their country and their president to protect them and their freedoms. They should be proud to have a president who cares about their safety and the future of America.

Immigration and Border Control

It is not to say that immigrants should be banned from the country. America is filled with people from all over the world! But immigrants need to be legal. They need to come across the border properly – NOT by infiltrating illegally. If we do not protect our borders, Americans will be in great danger. It has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with security and creating a prosperous America.

For those who want open borders, do they know what that entails? If they knew someone personally who was harmed or killed by a Muslim migrant or ANY immigrant who came in illegally, would they still choose the path of open borders? It is truly hard to believe that they would…

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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