Hamas threatens escalation with Israel if demands aren’t met

by Phil Schneider

The Hamas is a terrorist organization that has one basic premise – the destruction of Israel. They do not accept the methods of the Palestinian Authority – even though the Palestinian Authority also wants to destroy Israel. What the Hamas is known for in the Gaza area is there merciless bombing of Israeli towns and cities while shielding themselves behind Arab children. The attitude of the Hamas terrorists is one of absolute disregard for the value of human life – all in order to further their goals of destruction of the State of Israel.

Where does the Chutzpah come from?

The chutzpah of the Hamas is not merely predicated on hatred of the Jewish people and the State of Israel. Alot of it is based on pure corruption and financial incentives that Iran has supplied to the Hamas. This is why the tough sanctions of the Trump administration on the Iranian leadership are so important for the State of Israel. When the Iranian leadership is suffering from lack of funds, so does the Hamas. And when the Hamas suffers, they have less money to throw around to incentivize terrorists.

Many people think that ideologically driven terrorists are not also driven by financial reasons too. But there is nearly no precedent for this in history. Dictators are nearly always wealthy. That is not a coincidence. They need to buy off many people in order to stay in power. Hamas in Gaza are no different. Millions of dollars flow into Gaza, and no more than 5% of the people gain from all of those funds. The bulk of the money that flows into Gaza is used to build tunnels and other infrastructure geared at bombing and terrorizing Israel. This is what Iran wants and that is the source of the ongoing Chutzpah of the not-so-strong Hamas vs. Israel. IF they don’t show chutzpah, the funds won’t keep flowing.

Hamas needs to be contained, not destroyed. They need to be demilitarized, but allowed to exist. Israel should not destroy all of it’s enemies in one fell swoop. But it needs to bring them down one terrorist at a time until the threats are minor and insiginificant.

New Israeli Prime Minister
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