What antisemites have done to completely rewrite history

by Leah Rosenberg

Antisemites rewrite history. It’s how they spread vile lies about Israel and the Jewish people. Melanie Phillips shows how anti-Zionism is the exact same.

Trying to Rewrite History

Antisemites love to claim that being an anti-Zionist is perfectly acceptable and not antisemitic in the slightest. But that is just wrong. It is false. And it is part of the lies. Anti-Zionism distorts the truth. It rewrites the facts. Anti-Zionists rewrite history! As Melanie Phillips said, “Anti-Zionism thus writes the Jews uniquely out of their own history.” The claims they make against Israel are false. The Jews did not steal their own homeland that they have lived in continuously for thousands of years. The Jews do not oppress the Palestinian Arabs. And claiming they do is not only antisemitic, it is anti-Zionistic as well. They are truly one and the same.

Criticizing Israel

As Phillips points out, it is acceptable to criticize Israel and some of its policies. That is part of democracy! No one denies that. But there is most definitely a difference between criticizing and delegitimizing; disagreeing and demonizing. When antisemites proudly declare that it is perfectly okay to criticize the Jewish state, they are not just criticizing. They are spreading lies. They are protesting the good and siding with the terrorism. The antisemites do not just disagree with a policy or two of the Israeli government, they disagree with the state of Israel existing at all! Why? Because it is a JEWISH state – the only one. Why does the world try to separate that from antisemitism? It is the same thing, just more modernized!

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