Jerusalem Muslims Nearly Lynch a Jewish Motorist in Jerusalem

by Avi Abelow

This incident took place a few weeks ago on the eve of the saddest day of the Jewish holiday, the fast of the Ninth of Av. What might have ended as a tragedy with a funeral miraculously ended as an under-reported incident with an indictment of one the Arab Muslim perpetrators.

What Happened?

A Jewish motorist was innocently driving to visit the Temple Mount, the Holiest site to the Jewish people. Waze took him on Salah a-Din Street, an internal street of the heavily populated Arab Muslim area right outside the North-Eastern side of Jerusalem’s Old City walls.

As he was stuck in traffic, his car was surrounded by Arab Muslim youth on the street. They kicked his car, threw stones and other objects at him, hit him, sprayed pepper spray at him from just a few centimeters away, and kicked him. One of the youth’s attempted to pull the victim from his car.

Miraculously, an Israeli policeman was in a nearby car and understood what was going on. He quickly exited his car and fired in the air, scaring off the attackers and saving the Jewish motorist from a potential lynching.

Police investigators began a probe into what could have been a far more serious incident, leading to the arrest of three suspects who were taken into custody. They are aged 17, 19 and 21. Upon arrest and a search of their homes additional evidence was found. One of the suspects has already been indicted for involvement in the incident.

Peaceful Co-existence

It is absolutely incovceivable that Arab Muslims can drive peacefully through the Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem, yet it is life-threatening for Jews to drive through Arab Muslim neighborhoods.

Oncec again, it is clear to all who are interested in facts and reality, that it is the Jews who are interested in living in peace with our Arab Muslim neighbors and not vis versa.

However, peaceful coexistence is possible between Jews and Muslims. It happens when there is an Arab Mulsim desire to enjoy the freedoms and equalities that Israel affords them.

However, it is only possible if Israel stops the Imams, teachers and parents who teach the Arab Muslim children that they should dedicate their lives to harming and murdering Jews. So long as these people and organizations are tolerated and allowed to continue spewing their hateful, genocidal ideology to murder Jews, we will continue to suffer incidents like this, not always with a happy ending.

New Israeli Prime Minister
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