Real-Life Terror at the Summer Music Festival in Sderot, Israel

by Avi Abelow

Look at this craziness. This was a summer concert in the Israeli Southern city of Sderot. As people are enjoying the concert, total madness breaks out with concert-goers running in all directions as the code red system goes off because Muslim terrorists in Gaza launch rockets right over the concert. Thankfully, Israel’s Iron Dome system fired and took out the rockets.

The people of Sderot and the Gaza border have been suffering from this rocket terror for over 19 years!! Israel must free Gaza from Hamas ASAP and end this madness.

The Leib Sderot Music Festival ended early this evening as iron dome units intercepted numerous rocket launches from Gaza.

A few minutes ago 3 rockets were fired from Gaza towards Israel. 2 were intercepted above Sderot. Hundreds enjoyed a music festival when the rockets were intercepted right above them. By chance no one was hurt. Today the Iron Dome saved dozens of innocent civilians.

New Israeli Prime Minister
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