The place where rocket fire and agriculture meet

by Chaya Cikk

The southern communities of Israel are where rocket fire and agriculture meet. Why? These communities are under constant threat with rockets from Gaza.

Rocket Fire

The southern communities, especially those on the border are under constant threat from Gaza. Hamas, the terrorist organization is in control in Gaza. Their aim is to destroy Israel and push the Jews out. Communities, such as Sderot and Netivot and many others have suffered not only from the constant rocket fire but also incendiary balloons or kites.

People of the south have 15 seconds when the siren goes off to run to a safe place. This has become a normal way to live. But it should be the opposite, no one should live like this. Children should be able to play outside and not have to worry where the nearest bomb shelter is. One should not need to go the long way round to the supermarket because that way has more bomb shelters. This is an abnormal way to live! Hamas needs to be stopped!

The Salad Trail

The salad trail is an unforgettable experience based in the south of Israel. Here you can pick vegetables and see the high tech of agricultural technologies, it is something truly amazing! This is definitely worth a visit on your next trip to Israel.

Tourists might refrain from visiting the area as the situation in the south can get tense. Many countries might advise their citizens not to visit the south of Israel because of ongoing rocket fire. This is extremely sad for businesses down south who suffer.

Finally, there are many beautiful places in the south that you should visit next time you come. The southern communities are welcoming to all the tourist’s groups from all over the world who come visit. They are happy to see people come rain or shine.

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