The Remarkable story of the Ultimate Divine Intervention

by Leah Rosenberg

The Divine intervention that resulted from one act of giving will blow your mind. How can someone not believe in G-d?

The Story That Will Make You Believe in Divine Intervention

There is no way to explain a story like this without the fact that the hand of G-d orchestrated the events. Stories like these cannot be explained by “chance.” It’s a story like this that shows clear acts of Divine intervention.

Is it always easy to believe in G-d? Definitely not. There are challenges that people face in life that make them question their faith and their religion. Sometimes, we need to search a little harder and dig a little deeper to uncover G-d’s presence.

When G-d is hiding His face, it is called “Hester Panim.” Throughout Jewish history, the Jewish people have not always been able to feel G-d’s presence so easily. And yet, they still pulled through. They still came out of each persecution, oppression, and challenge believing in the One above. We don’t always understand why G-d does things, but it is comforting to know that He has a plan and that it’s for the best. To believe that things are left up to “chance” and “luck” is a terrifying thought. To believe that things are random is horrifying. How would anyone be able to live life that way? Sleep at night? Believing that there is a purpose is a calming feeling.

We should all merit to see G-d’s presence in our everyday lives and connect to Him more and more.

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