When a Pro-Palestinian Mob Tries to Attack Two Former IDF Soldiers in NYC…Big Mistake

by Leah Rosenberg

Once an IDF soldier, always an IDF soldier. These protesters made a big mistake by attacking these two Golani fighters.

Don’t Mess with the IDF

Whether it is in Israel or anywhere else in the world, don’t mess with the IDF. Israeli soldiers are taught to defend themselves and fight back when people attack them, their people, or their homeland.

And that is what happened in New York City last week. A mob of “Palestine” supporters picked a fight with the wrong people. They tried assaulting two Jewish men. What they didn’t realize was that these two men were in the IDF in the Golani brigade. These Jewish men had the best training.

Below is an interview with the two former soldiers following the attack. These Jewish men did not want to cause any issues, as you hear them saying in the interview.

And this is the story of the Jewish people. They just want to live peacefully and are unnecessarily attacked by their enemies. The “Palestinian” side in NYC instigated the violence just like they instigate in Israel. It really is that simple. This “smaller” attack is just a microcosm of the larger issue.

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