The real social injustice taking place right before our eyes

by Leah Rosenberg

Ben Shapiro is so on point here. You want to talk about injustice? Take a look at what China is doing to Hong Kong, and stop complaining about America.

The Real Injustice

Black Lives Matter supporters should be ashamed of themselves. People in Hong Kong are now being arrested for wanting freedom. They are being subjugated to Communism. They are being stripped of all their freedoms. THAT is injustice. THAT is a reason to protest.

In America, where people of all faiths, religions, races, and colors have all the freedom they could ever want, there should not be riots. They are protesting and calling for the destruction of America, but they have all the opportunities in the world! Black Lives Matter and all its supporters are acting as if America is full of racism and injustice. But is that really true?

How dare they? How dare they try to bring down America in the name of “justice” while they watch people around the world being oppressed, tortured, and murdered by their own governments?

Wake Up, “Woke” America

The radical Left wants to claim that America is “woke.” But that is so, so far from the truth. What have they woken up to? What good has become of everything they have done? No one woke up to anything positive. It is all a bad dream; a nightmare. Will it end?

America, wake up. Don’t let this nightmare of “woke” America drag on any longer. Anarchy is most definitely not the answer. What will it take for you to realize that?

Motivation for Terror
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