Senator Slams Democrats for Betraying every American

by Leah Rosenberg

Politicians are supposed to defend their country and their people. Yet, many Democrats have been choosing to reject everything America stands for.

Democrats Reject America

Democrats have become a radical party. They cannot even agree with Republicans when it comes to condemning mob violence! Some things in life should be black and white, and this is one of them. No matter which side of the political spectrum one associates with, he should condemn violence, looting, and murder. Why is it that the Democrats cannot do that? Something is very wrong in America right now, and it has nothing to do with police officers or racism. It has everything to do with the radicals who legitimize violence.

The Two Political Parties

There used to be two political parties who had some disagreements on some policies. It used to be that both parties defended America and Americans. But supporting the burning of the American flag and brutal protests? How the times have sadly changed.

The fact that most Democrats today cannot manage to protect the foundations of America, the fact that they cannot say violence is bad, and the fact that they are allowing and supporting the defunding of police officers is ludicrous.

It is acceptable to agree to disagree on many things. But it is NOT acceptable to disagree on basic morals. It is immoral to destroy and burn businesses. It is immoral to kill a police officer defending his friend’s shop. Slandering all police officers and saying there is an issue with police brutality and racism when in fact statistics show there is not is just wrong. Beheading statues and tearing down monuments is wrong. Every politician should agree with all of that, no matter which party they are part of.

We are talking about right and wrong here. And what BLM protestors are doing in America is most definitely wrong.

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