Stop LA from Adopting Antisemitic pro-BDS Curriculum

by Avi Abelow

FOR CALIFORNIANS: Stop LA from adopting an antisemitic and pro-BDS curriculum this Thursday!*
There are only 10 hours left to send an email here: to demand that the LA board of education stop the indoctrination of children.

The California ethnic studies curriculum – which has been heavily criticized for antisemitic and anti-Israel content – is going to be voted on this Thursday in LA county.

Don’t let your children be indoctrinated into hate.

Attached is a blank email already addressed to the board and includes a subject line.

Please write an email 
(original emails are more effective than identical prewritten emails) urging the board against adopting this harmful curriculum.

Talking points you may use in your email:

  • The curriculum was rejected by the entire state for its divisiveness and problematic themes. For the precedent established by the state, the county should recognize that the curriculum should not be adopted.
  • The ethnic studies curriculum promotes politics through its entire work, specifically a political ideology that is very divisive.
  • The ethnic studies curriculum supports BDS’ mission statement and therefore supports the destruction of an entire state of people.
  • The curriculum is filled with divisive doctrines and political ideology and is snuck in under the cover of ethnic studies, which is a worthy and important topic, however, the content does not properly represent an inclusive and respectful ethnic studies curriculum.
  • Certain Individuals and groups promoted in the curriculum are antisemitic.
  • Adoption of this ethnic studies curriculum will endanger the Jewish community and they will lose faith in their schools and the education system as a whole.
  • Our children deserve to grow up in a safe environment free from discimination of religion and culture, and this curriculum makes us feel unsafe.
Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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