The Protesters in Tel Aviv Are Horrified This Video Got Out

by Phil Schneider

The anti- government protesters in Tel-Aviv are allegedly fighting to hold on to democracy in the State of Israel. There is an aspect of truth in their argument. But there is around 90% exaggerations and some lies too in the argument that the demonstrations are about preserving democracy in the State of Israel.

The judicial branch in Israel is nothing at all like the judicial branch in the United States. It is not one of three branches of government that is balanced out by the legislative and executive branch. In Israel, there is no real independent executive branch. Despite that, the Prime Minister does indeed wield enormous power. The Knesset has much power too – in some ways – like Congress in the United States.

But, in actuality, the most independent and powerful branch of Israel’s government today is the Supreme Court, a wholly independent self-appointing, self-preserving political body that does much more than simply adjudicate laws. The Supreme Court in Israel was not always what it has become in the last two decades.

It has become a ubiquitous political entity that basically pressures the entire political system to bend to radical left-wing edicts that serve it’s ideology. Moreover, there is very little that the Prime Minister, Knesset, or any other voted-in body can do about it. That is why it is indeed so dangerous and needs to be changed. The power structure is indeed skewed.

But Israel’s right probably overreached in trying to make the changes that are necessary. A little too much, a little too fast. But, the changes will go through and Israel will indeed become a democracy – BECAUSE of the reforms. So, the demonstrators may have a point, but they will lose the war as Israel is on it’s way of becoming MORE democratic – not less.

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