Bereaved Father & Husband Tells the World to Stand for Good by Standing with Israel

by Avi Abelow

After losing two of his daughters in the terror attack on Friday, Rabbi Leo Dee’s wife, Lucy Dee, passed away from her wounds from that same terror attack. Tomorrow, Lucy will be buried next to her two daughters.

With super-hero strength, tonight, Rabbi Dee held a press conference telling his story and how the world can move forward from his family’s tragedy to make the world a better place.

“Hi, I’m Leo Dee and I’d like to tell you about my idea for tonight – it is an international Dees DAY to be celebrated today, the 10th of April.

First of all, let me introduce myself.

I am the husband of Lucy Dee and the father of five beautiful kids.

That is, until Friday morning at 10:52 AM.

The seven of us set off in two cars from our Home in Efrat, near Jerusalem, on Friday morning to meet my parents, sister and nephews who were driving up in a third car for a holiday in


Lucy was with Maia and Rina in our white Nissan Micra and I was with Tali and Yehuda in our brown Nissan Micra.

We were ahead of the other cars. At 11:07 I received a call from my sister who had set off with my parents an hour behind us. She told us that there had been an attack on a car on the route up North, she had been diverted – were we OK? Yes I said, but let me call Lucy.

I called Lucy. No answer. I called Maia. No answer. I called Rina. No answer. Then I saw a missed call from Maia 10:52. I hadn’t noticed it ring and had not picked up the phone. The feeling that she called me during the attack and I wasn’t able to speak to her will come back and haunt me for a while.

I checked Google Family link and saw that they were all located at the Hamra junction. At the same moment, however, Tali had seen, posted on Instagram, a photo that a passing car had taken of the wreck where she saw the back of a white car with a bullet hole and suitcases on the back seat with blood on. The suitcases were ours.

I immediately turned round and drove like a lunatic to the Hamra junction. We got there around 12:30. They wouldn’t let us see the car. By this point we knew that two younger girls had been killed by a terrorist with an automatic Kalashnikov rifle (20 bullets) and the older woman had been airlifted to Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital in Jerusalem.

I wanted to go to be with Lucy in the hospital but we couldn’t believe that this was our car, our family. So I wanted to see the girls, or at least the car for myself.

After what seemed like a lifetime (it was actually three lifetimes) I convinced them to bring us an ID card that they had rescued from the scene. It was Maia’s.

I went numb. I didn’t cry yet. I was highly rational. I went back to the car and drove another hour and a half to the hospital.

Lucy had had two bullets, one through her brain stem and one lodged at the top of her spine. There was an operation, there was reason for hope. But alas, our family of seven is now a family of four.

Today is the first time that the three festivals of Pesach, Easter and Ramadan have coincided for 30 years.

Pesach and Easter are both festivals about redemption making the world into a better place. Fasting on Ramadan, I have learnt, generates empathy for those in need and thereby is also about making the world into a better place. Making the world into a better place is a GOOD THING.

All world religions believe that we have the power to tell the difference between good and evil so that we can choose to do good. And if we choose good then we make the world into a better place.

I am saddened that recently – maybe over the past 20 years of my life, this innate ability to differentiate between good and evil has been gradually lost from humanity.

That’s why I wish to designate today, the 10th April, as Dees day.

The day we Differentiate between good and evil, right and wrong.

And how do we differentiate between good and evil?

We use our gut feeling. Yes. There’s no better formula. We can’t trust an app. We can’t trust the news – sorry gentlemen.

We can only trust our intuitions.

So how would I like you to celebrate Dees-Day this year?

If you feel that it was wrong to shoot dead at close range three beautiful innocent young ladies in the prime of their lives then please post a picture of you or your spouse or your children with an Israeli flag. Or just post a picture of an Israeli flag and share it on Facebook, Instagram or whatever social media app you use.

If you don’t have an Israeli flag, make one.

I’ll show you how.

For too long we have let a small minority try to convince us there is no right and wrong.

Everything is relative

And it’s cathartic to do this sometimes because when we do wrong we know we have to make up for it.

But if we pretend that there is no such thing as right and wrong, maybe we can get away scot free?

But that attitude to life is like a cocaine addiction. I am told you can take one shot of cocaine and feel good. And likewise when you convince yourself that there is no right and wrong so the terrible thing I did was not terrible after all.

But then you do something worse and need two shots of cocaine to numb the pain which is caused because your soul really knows it did wrong. Before you know it you’re taking 20 shots a day and convincing yourself that any terrorist is justified to kill any innocent civilians because he has HIS cause.

On the other side, my beautiful wife (late wife), Lucy and I have tried to bring up our children with strong moral values

Helping others

Caring for others

Building community

And Baruch Hashem, thank God, I believe that Tali, Keren and Yehuda will do that in their lives and pass those values down to their children and hence play their part in building a better world.

This anonymous terrorist with the Kalashnikov – what did he achieve? A temporary victory? Some marks he can carve into his gun? Where’s his future ? Is he spending the time with his children to teach them decent life values? Does he even have children or is he a child himself? A product of a broken culture that does not differentiate between good and evil, so he cannot see a future for himself. He is taking 20 shots of cocaine (one for each bullet) in order to numb his soul which is telling him: YOU ARE PURE EVIL.

The Bible, the best selling book of all time, teaches us one major lesson: We can all make the choice of good and bad. And not only that, we can all recognize good and bad, through our gut feeling (although as Jews we believe that studying it thoroughly makes us even better at getting that gut feeling


Sometimes we see a news article or a social media post that demonises someone good and idolises someone bad. It gets many likes. So we like it too although in our heart of hearts we sort of feel that it’s not good for us or mankind. That’s a sort of shot of cocaine for us. We overcome the pain of doing something bad by clicking on like which gives a short term (millisecond) high. And so we contribute to the problem because now there are more likes and more people who will share it on.

So let’s reverse this negative loop.

I urge you to post an Israeli flag in a good way (you be the judge) and share it with all your friends and let them share it onwards.

Today is Dees day when we can all differentiate between good and bad by sharing a picture with an Israeli flag.

Let the Israeli flag today send out a message to humanity which is:

We will never accept terror as legitimate

We will never blame the murder on the victims

There is no such thing as moral equivalence between terrorist and victim. The terrorist is ALWAYS BAD.

Imagine children at the beach. I had many years of that.

One girl builds a sand castle, beautiful, skillful, detailed.

A little boy comes along and kicks it over.

An adult who is not the parent of either child tells the mother of the girl who built the sand castle – your daughter is guilty of causing this violence because she built the sand castle in the first place.

Another adult agrees and a third and a fourth.

Isn’t that how the world media treats Israel?

We build, they murder us, they destroy. It’s your fault, since you built it in the first place.

So let’s make today Dees day, remembering Rina, Maia and Lucy Dee and also remembering the beginning of the turnaround in the second world war when the forces of good started to overcome the forces of evil. And the Dee also stands for Differentiate, because on Dees Day we have to differentiate between good and evil.

The Israeli flag is the sign of good, it is the sign of building something worthy.

The most successful modern state, 75 years old and one of the global leaders in clean technology, saving lives all over the world through drip irrigation, agricultural technology, medicine, computer and phone chips, voice mail, Waze, electric car technology, Intel chips, lab grown meat and so much more

Yes, Israel and GOOD is about building.

Evil is about destruction.

Israel is GOOD

Evil is BAD

Today is a day to say yes to building a better future.

And saying no to anyone who just wishes to destroy it with no better plan about how to build it better, stronger.

World media: show me your true colours.

Do you really believe in moral equivalence?

Will you continue to support evil by giving it a voice?

Am I and my family really a threat to world peace? We who teach kindness and love? We who value life over anything else?

Is this anonymous killer really justified? Is he progressing moral values and a future for himself?

Come on! Wake up! Listen to your souls.

Do you really believe it? Or does it just sell advertising space for material goods that none of us really need?

Is it just blaming the builder for making something that someone else can destroy? Like the parents on the beach.

Have we gone mad?

Or can we still rescue this world from not seeing the difference.

The Israeli flag is a sign of building a better future. And we all know that. It represents the best of Jewish culture which is about building a better world.

Dees day is a day of saying: Differentiate and do not destroy.

The time has come to look at Israel in a new light. First we Jews brought you the Bible, now we bring you a country that has so much good it can share with humanity.

Israel is the startup nation, a builder of so much of what is good for humanity.

My plea to the world is: Support Israel’s cause, don’t stand in our way.

Support good over evil.

If we support the good and reject the evil then we can all play our part in building a better world.

So make today Dees day, share a post with an Israeli flag and let the message out:

If we differentiate between good and evil then we can all help make this a better world.

Do it for your soul

Do it for the souls of Maia, Rina and Lucy Dee

Do it for all of humanity

And do it NOW – it has never been more important!

Thank you.”

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