The president that CNN and MSNBC should really be going after

by Leah Rosenberg

CNN and MSNBC like to paint President Trump as an evil man who has only done harm. But THIS president has really only done harm, not Trump.

CNN and MSNBC Have it Wrong

Let’s get some things straight. It is true – not everyone likes President Trump. He has made mistakes, like every president before him has and like every president after him will. But is he evil? Definitely not. If CNN and MSNBC want to go after a president who has done wrong, they should go after Mahmoud Abbas.

Mahmous Abbas is the president of the “Palestinian” people. HE is the definition of evil. He calls for bloodshed. He calls for the murder of innocent Jewish men, women, and children. The song in this video was on the Facebook page of the Fatah Commission of Information and Culture. Fatah is the political party of Mahmoud Abbas.

If CNN and MSNBC want to share some news that the world should know about, they should share this. They should share the evils of the “Palestinian” leadership and the cruelty that Israel is fighting against. But instead, they’re too busy blaming Trump for the world’s problems and blaming Israel for the “Palestinian” problems.

This Song Should Make You Cringe

Listening to this song and watching the images should make you cringe. It is horrific and disgusting the way it praises murder and hatred of the Jewish people. The song mocks the innocent deaths of so many Israeli soldiers and civilians.

Any somewhat decent human being should be appalled by this. Israel does not make videos and songs like these, but the “Palestinians” do. That is not to say that all “Palestinians” are bad, but there is clearly one moral side in this conflict, and that is Israel. This video alone should make everyone realize that.

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