Continuous Gaza Arson Terror on the Gaza-Israel Border

by Avi Abelow

Gaza terrorists have returned to flying bombs into Israel. Just over the past few hours, 24 fires broke out in Southern Israel along the Gaza border, with over 500 acres of destruction. Thank G-d it was only agriculture, but it is only a matter of time before people are injured or killed as well.

Ashkelon Coast Regional councilman Itamar Revivi criticized the defense establishments inadequate response to this week’s attacks.

“The Jewish communities in the Gaza border are under constant attack. In recent days, tens of thousands of residents have faced an unprecedented attack by explosive & incendiary balloons. The Gaza terror virus is still here. This is not a first wave or a second wave, but years upon years of continuous terrorism. The Israeli government knows how  to mobilize the greatest minds to fight against a mysterious virus, and it is time to mobilize the best minds to find an effective solution to terrorism in general and balloon terrorism in particular”.

It was the leftists that sold Israelis and the world that if Israel just left the Gaza Strip, destroyed 24 Jewish communities and expelling close to 10,000 Jews from their homes, then peace would be possible, that the world would no longer blame Israel for the problems of Gaza and that if any terrorism Would be initiated from Gaza then the world would support Israel militarily to stop the Gaza terrorism.

None of that happened. 

Gaza terrorism will stop when Israel liberates Gaza from the Hamas, and the other terror organizations, destroys all the terrorists and gives every Gazan a choice, either to live in peace or leave in peace. Otherwise anyone who continues the path of terror will be killed and their family expelled. 

This is the Middle East, where family, tribe, clan is supreme. The biggest deterrent is to lose ones home and be separated from family and clan.

We hope and pray for a leadership that will do what is necessary to liberate all of us, Jew and Muslim, from the the terror groups who kill Jews in the name of a cause they call “Palestine”.

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