The philosophy behind the “Woke” movement

by Leah Rosenberg

The “Woke” movement might claim to be a social justice movement, but it is nothing of the sort. And they are trying to fool everyone.

The “Woke” Movement

The “Woke” movement is a complete joke. If it weren’t so frightening, you’d laugh. They are trying to fool the world, just like in a magic trick. They are nothing but hypocrites. And sadly, they do not fight against racism.

All they have done is destroyed and destroyed. It is this movement that has burned down businesses, killed Black policemen, acted violently toward anyone who differed, and stomped upon American values. It is “Woke” Americans who destroyed statues.

And they look at all of their destruction as accomplishments.

Will more and more people wake up to the truth? Will more people see the illusion of the movement? Or will people continue to be tricked?

The “Woke” movement is just like a magic trick. Except, it is real life, and lives are being ruined. It is not fun and games. How can people not realize how damaging this movement is? “Woke” Americans have no morals. What social justices have they actually stood up for and defended?

This video uses a magic trick to depict the way that “Woke” people act. And it is powerful to see it and hear exactly what they do. It’s time to fight back against the real injustices taking place. Don’t let them fool you any longer. Show the world how great America really is. Show the world the values that America holds so dear. Do not let this movement destroy one of the greatest countries in the world.

Blood Libel
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