The child abuse happening in the name of “Progressivism”

by Phil Schneider

Progressive values sound so seemingly harmless. After all, isn’t the progressive mindset based on being open to all ideas, and non-judgmental to anyone in order to be kind and sensitive to everyone’s feelings? The answer is a resounding no. The progressive views on life are obviously not one unified body of ideas. There are varying degrees of thought in the perspectives of those who claim to be progressive. But, there are a few basic concepts of progressiveness that are heel-bent on destroying basic functions of the world. The most dangerous of all of these is the attempt to destroy the age-old nuclear family.

There are many ways for people who are not homosexual to deal with homosexuality. One way is to treat it as a deviance from human nature and to be completely opposed to it. One way is to understand that it is a more complex issue than that, but to still be opposed to it on religious grounds. Another way is to support it and to reject religious sentiments against homosexuality. Of course, many others simply don’t have strong opinions on the matter one way or another. The normative progressive view is radically different than all of the above. Not only does it not have a problem with homosexuality or transgender lifestyles. It celebrates them and silences any opposition to it. The thought that ANY lifestyle can be labeled as illegitimate is anathema to the mindset of progressives.

From where does all of this stem? It seems that at the core is a strong belief in the lack of an absolute moral code. Meaning, at the core of progressive thought is the rejection of God. A rejection of anything absolute. Once there is nothing absolute, then everything is OK. Moral relativism becomes the accepted given. The absurdities reach levels such as dressing up little boys as girls in order to “open their minds” to all options. Will the lack of a moral compass bring the Western world to it’s knees, or will a reawakening to God’s existence shift the pendulum back again? America and the Western world have been regressing over the last few decades. Either things will swing back or else, the moral relativists will bring down the freedoms of the United States of America one brainwashed child at a time with Big Tech cheering them on.

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