The most significant archaeological finding of the 21st Century

by Leah Rosenberg

This archaeological finding was tremendous. Why does the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls matter so much? This video tells you the answer.

The Archaeological Finding of the 21st Century

The Dead Sea Scrolls was an unbelievable archaeological discovery in the 21st century. The story of how the scrolls were found in Qumran is quite interesting. And as said in this video, they were not just Bedouin shepherds as once originally said. They were antiquity hunters. They were not just following a flock of sheep. These Bedouin boys were looking for something. And they definitely found something significant.

The Hidden Secrets Throughout Israel

It is amazing to think about all the secrets that are hidden throughout Israel. All the discoveries that are made in Israel reveal so much about the past. All the discoveries that have been made throughout the centuries reveal information about different time periods and the people living in those time periods.

Ancient ritual baths have been discovered throughout Israel. Coins, pottery, and other artifacts. Tunnels and storage areas. Ancient seals.

And these discoveries prove the Bible to be true, for those who had their doubts. The stories and the archaeology match up. There is proof of the Jewish people’s existence in Israel from Biblical times until now. Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish state for thousands of years. King David was real. It is truly amazing to see the Bible come to life in the land of Israel. The number of discoveries being unearthed just seems to be growing and growing!

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