The Only Surviving Film Footage of Anne Frank Ever Found

by Leah Rosenberg

Anne Frank is one of the most well known Holocaust victims. She sadly did not survive, but her story did. Her life and story have impacted so many.

Seeing Anne Frank

This video footage is short yet powerful. The girl next door is getting married. Anne Frank is leaning out of the window of her house in Amsterdam to get a good look at the bride and groom. It is the only time Anne Frank has ever been captured on film.

Seeing her as a real girl in a video makes her writing that much more meaningful and poignant. It makes her story that much more real. You can feel her existence. You can relate. She was just a child when the Nazis brutally destroyed her very being. Anne Frank may be one of the most well known victims, but there were millions like her. Millions who used to look out their window at the happy events taking place right outside. Millions who use to enjoy the small things. They were real. Their lives were real. And the Nazis destroyed them.

There is no sound in this video, yet you can hear it loudly. It speaks for itself. No sound is necessary in a video like this.

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