Jews Prepare For Tisha B’Av While Tensions With Lebanon Rise

by Micha Gefen

While Tisha B’Av, the Jewish fast day that commemorates the destruction of both Temples and a slew of other calamities approaches, tension on Lebanese border continues to increase.

Although there was an infiltration attempt by Hezbollah, its chief Hasan Nasrallah has insisted that more is to come.

Of course, while no one expects the flare up to cascade out of control, there is evidence that a wide spread conflict may actually be in the offing. Iran is in need of a serious deterrence against Israel as the latter has demonstrated its ability to push Iran back against a wall.

Already Lebanon has been warned that it will suffer the consequences for a Hezbollah attack.

With the world suffering from the corona pandemic, and the IDF appearing to be in a weakened state, Iranian leaders may opt to use the time period around Tisha B’Av for an attack.

Will this be an attack that is set to lure the IDF into a full scale conflict or just an attack that helps Hezbollah regain some of its pride? The answer is not clear and because of the unknowns, the government is taking Nasrallah’s threats far more seriously.

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