Turkish NBA star risks his life to call out Turkey’s human rights violations

by Phil Schneider

It is dangerous to confront tyranny and totalitarian regimes. But Turkey is a totalitarian regime and this Turkish native is doing exactly that. This takes guts – alot of guts. But that is the difference between great people and people who just follow everyone else.

Totalitarian regimes hate free speech. It is no surprise that every totalitarian regime – in the Soviet Union, Germany, and elsewhere – always focuses on making sure that people don’t have the ability to speak their minds freely. This must be said again and again – especially in the present culture when there is a blatant attack on our right to say anything that offends anyone.

We need to accept that it is not just a right to speech that is so critical – it is our obligation to speak up when things need to be said that is critical. The Soviet Union was felled by a bunch of cracks in their armor that all added up to a major hit on the foundation of life in the Soviet Union. Perhaps the largest crack of all were the minimal amounts of freedom that seeped in via all kinds of ways. Readers Digests and short wave radios brought in all kinds of Western ideas that brought the masses to oppose the Communist lifestyle. Many of the activists in the Soviet Union were people who had exposure – one way or another – to the West. Today, the key to battling free speech is via the internet. Anyone today who wants to truly fight for freedom must focus on freedom of the internet.

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