The One Solution for Gaza That the World Refuses to Admit

by Leah Rosenberg

Everyone is dying to know: What’s the solution for Gaza? What should happen when Israel, with G-d’s help, wins this war?

The Only Solution for Gaza

The world keeps asking Israel for the “day after” plan. Israel’s leaders need to know that the only solution for Gaza is to remain in control of that piece of land. Although many might fully know and agree with that, they are afraid to say it out loud. The international world would go wild.

But the truth is that Israel needs to do what’s best for its own security. We cannot rely on the international world for anything anyway.

And what have we seen from the international world? No matter what Israel does, it is criticized. It has taken extreme measures to ensure the safety of the ENEMY’s civilians, and yet, Israel is still blasted for not doing enough. Israel has a low ratio of civilians killed compared to terrorists killed, and still, Israel is demonized for too many civilians deaths. Israel can never do anything right according to all those who scrutinize every action of the Jewish state.

It’s time that we say enough is enough. Israel must keep control of Gaza. Have you ever studied the vast Jewish history of that small strip of land? We will do what is best for our country and our people. And we can no longer care what the world thinks. It has never worked in the past to care, and it surely won’t work in the future.

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