Heartbreaking: Bereaved Mother Proves Why UNRWA Must Be Closed Down (Graphic Warning)

by Phil Schneider

UNRWA employees, paid by US taxpayer’s money, kidnapped Israelis on October 7th. They took part in all aspects of the massacre against Israelis. Indeed, there is no fundamental difference between UNRWA and Hamas in Gaza. The two were fully intertwined together in all of what they did.

UNRWA is an organization that sounds like a harmless group. After all, it is a UN based group and it offers assistance. Well, the assistance that it offers is tunneling, schools that teach terror, and literally transporting terrorists to and from operations. 

The uniqueness of this testimony is that it presents clear and incontrovertible evidence of UNRWA employees kidnapping a dead Israeli in order to use him as a bargaining chip to free terrorists from Israeli prisons. Due to years of UNRWA cooperation with Hamas, they didn’t even bother to hide their actions on October 7th.

The transparency of UNRWA as a total partner of Hamas is seen in broad daylight. UNRWA must be shut down – immediately.

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