The oldest Jewish WWII veteran did something incredible for the Jewish people

by Phil Schneider

Why did this hero go to fight in World War II? Not so complicated. Once it was obvious that there was evil and nearly everyone was united in the West that the Axis threat needed to be stopped. Thousands of Jewish War Veterans were fixtures at massive Jewish parades and major events around the world. But we must understand the basic difference between those that fought in World War II and everybody else.

The generation of Americans, British, Australians, and other Allied forces who fought Germany, Italy, and Japan were a unique generation on many levels. They were the first generation to fight a fully mechanized war with massive numbers of air planes, tanks, and powerful artillery. What is interesting is that the World War II generation was very mechanically inclined as cars and trucks were a new phenomenon that they grew up with. Therefore, when it came time to fix and deal with logistics issues, these Westerners were at a major advantage. Logistics were one of the most important underrated aspects of the Allied victory.

But willingness to sacrifice, ability to adjust under fire, and willingness to change a plan that was not working were all critical elements that led to the Allied victory. These warriors faced machine guns, impossible odds at times, and yet persevered to defeat the enemy at enormous risk. The lucky ones that survived deserve every bit of respect that we can give them. Moreover, their bravery should be mandatory learning in every public school. There has never been a war that was more of a consensus than World War II. It was indeed the “Great War” – in every sense of the word.

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