The story of King Zedekiah’s ministers whose names were found on royal seals

by Leah Rosenberg

What is constantly being uncovered in the City of David is truly incredible. Royal seals from thousands of years ago? Amazing.

Royal Seals from King Zedekiah’s Ministers

Is this not beyond fascinating? Everything matches up. The royal seals of the right people at the right time. The Bible is not some made up account. It is not a fabricated text that never happened. It is real, and if you are someone who needs proof, there is plenty of it.

The archaeology that has been discovered in the City of David time and time again is mind-blowing. It is hardcore evidence of the past that you can actually touch with your hands. How much more real than that can the Bible be? Literally touching history with your hands is unique.

Jewish history is incredible. The Bible tells the story – the good and the bad. The heroes and the righteous are not immune from mistakes. They make mistakes and the Bible won’t try to hide it. Because humans make mistakes. Sadly, many in history did not repent for their mistakes. But for those who did, it is commendable and clear.

Jerusalem Belongs to the Jews

The world may want to deny the truth, but Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people. The Bible proves it. History proves it. Archaeology proves it.

Why is it so hard to admit the truth? All arrows point in one direction: A Jewish Jerusalem. Every time the world tries to bury the truth, it comes back up to reveal itself again. And you don’t even have to go farther than the City of David to see that.

Motivation for Terror
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