Israel Puts Its Foot Down On Biden’s Plan To Rejoin The Iran Nuclear Deal

by Micha Gefen

President Joe Biden’s foreign policy seems almost a mirror copy of Obama’s, however the Middle East is a drastically different region than how he left it just over four years ago.

Besides the Abraham Accords, that has now transformed the relationship between Israel and its Sunni neighbors, Israel’s position in the world has been greatly strengthened over the last four years.

It is with this background that the Biden administration has been warned about reentering the Obama administration’s flawed nuclear deal.

The warning has been so loud that even Israel’s chief of staff has made it clear that Israel will lead a preemptive attack on Israel if the US reenters the deal.

President Biden is not Obama, despite the fact that the team’s are similar and even his team understand that they can no longer overtly push around Israel the way the US has in the past under Democrat run administrations.

However, it remains to be seen if the lure of a weak Iran deal is too much for them to resist.

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