The next global superpower may surprise you – Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Being a global superpower is an accomplishment – if it’s for the good. And this top country is definitely using its abilities for the good. Check it out!

Israel – The Next Global Superpower

If you asked a Jewish person 100 years ago who the global superpower would be in the following century, they would most definitely not have said the modern state of Israel. For one, the modern state of Israel did not even exist yet. And secondly, even if it did exist, no one would have thought the Jewish state could accomplish so much in such a short time. Even if you asked someone 50 years ago, they probably STILL would not have said Israel!

But here we are today, in 2019. And Israel has accomplished great things in just 71 years. They have made an unprecedented positive impact on the world. And they have more in store! Just wait and see what the next 70 years will bring!

A Light Unto the Nations

Israel has truly been a light unto the nations. They have given to the world in ways that no one could have imagined. They have saved countless people and helped countless countries, and they have improved daily life worldwide. Many people do not even realize that they are using something that Israel created and invented, including things like the Disk-on-Key. New technology is just constantly being developed in Israel!

If Israel is already listed as a potential global superpower after just 71 years of existence, imagine how much more they will contribute in the coming years.

Here is the whole list of potential countries that could rule the world:

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