Jewish high school students stand up to anti-Israel curriculum

by Leah Rosenberg

High School, a place to learn, shape the minds of the younger generation. Jewish High School students stand up for what was being taught in their school. A curriculum that is anti-Israel, a country they feel close to.

Anti Israel Media

What makes someone guy in America, almost on the other side of the world, biased against Israel if not the news he receives on the media? What makes a teacher teach such biased against Israel if not the media? Many people who are not in Israel, living there, do not know the big picture. They receive their news from the media, many channels, who are against Israel.

Headlines that are used in newspapers. Words that are used by TV reporters, the tone of voice can make all the difference. There are journalists that do not show their view in their writing but there are many who do. There are many who feel hate, against Israel, for whatever and it is shown in their articles. This has a bad effect on Israel as all of those readers, reading this article now show biased.

These are just examples of headlines against Israel but the list is endless,

  • After a terrorist attack in Jerusalem in which two Palestinian attackers tried to stab police and were shot, CBS described the incident on its website with the following headline in a story about the attack: “3 Palestinians killed as daily violence grinds on.” 
  • After a Terrorist attack at a Jerusalem synagogue in November of 2014, CNN ran the story with the headline “4 Israelis, 2 Palestinians dead in Jerusalem,” failing to note that the two Palestinians were the terrorists. 
  • Replying to a tweet linking to a BBC article entitled, “Israeli air strikes ‘kill pregnant woman and baby,’” Nachson, a Ministry spokesman replied by saying that this headline was “deliberately misleading!!! Israel reacted following the launching of over 100 rockets at Southern Israel, targeting and injuring civilians. 

High School

Children go to High School to learn, whether they like History, Math, English, Science..or any of the other subjects a school offers. Teachers are meant to teach their subject, shape the minds of the younger generation. A curriculum is a collection of courses put together to help the children learn that subject.

As children get older, become teenagers they form their own opinion, may be do their own research on subjects. Yes, America and other countries have the freedom of expression and people can speak their mind freely but they should not be pushing their opinion on their students. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. More importantly teachers, who shape the mind of the next generation should be giving a two sided opinion.

Since the world has a biased opinion against Israel, it is hard for many Jewish students across the high school spectrum. A math teacher should not be teaching them hate against Israel, or how Israel is causing genocide in Gaza or how Israel is treating the Palestinian citizens. Not without giving the argument from the Israeli side.

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