Ilhan Omar urges release of Muslim Brotherhood leader

by Leah Rosenberg

Can it be any more obvious? Ilhan Omar hates America. She wants a Muslim Brotherhood leader to be released. The Muslim Brotherhood is a terror organization!

Muslim Brotherhood Leader

The senior Muslim Brotherhood leader who is in jail in Egypt is Hoda Abdelmonem. She is not in jail for no reason. She is a terrorist! The Muslim Brotherhood wants to destroy the United States! They want Islam to take over the world. We are talking about radical Islamists here. So how can one of America’s own congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, plead for Abdelmonem’s release? Why does she want a terrorist released from jail? Why won’t CNN cover this story? What about MSNBC? This is absolutely crazy!

The Truth About Ilhan Omar

Incident after incident. Tweet after Tweet. Speech after speech. Ilhan Omar has only gotten worse. Her antisemitism. Her anti-American sentiment. When will Americans say enough is enough? How much longer can this go on for before everyone realizes we have a terrorist sympathizer in the White House? It is absurd that so many are so blind to the truth. Sadly, if it was a Republican, the congressman would be kicked out of the White House. But because Omar is a Democrat, she is being defended. People keep supporting her. They are calling others racist for criticizing her when it is not even about her religion! It is about her actions and her beliefs. It is about the fact that she is harming America.

Col. Kemp

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