The most talented musician you will ever hear is also an Orthodox Jew

by Leah Rosenberg

Alex Clare is extremely talented, to say the least. But what is so inspiring is his dedication to his religion – Judaism.

Alex Clare

Alex Clare did not grow up as a religious Jew. But you can hear from his story that he came closer to God and realized the path he wanted to take. But Alex still followed his dream of being a musician. Being a religious Jew does not mean that you have to give up on your dreams. You can see that from people like Nissim Black as well.

When you listen to Clare’s music, it feels easy to connect to it. It feels genuine and leaves you wanting to listen more. Sometimes in the music industry, it is hard to find such genuine singers and musicians. But this Orthodox Jewish singer is a breath of fresh air.

Putting Judaism First

This talented musician now lives in Jerusalem. He studies Torah. When you listen to the way he speaks about Judaism and religion in this video, you can feel how heartfelt it is. He really values being Jewish. And he also values his music and the God-given talents that he has.

“Too Close”

One of Alex Clare’s famous songs is called “Too Close.” You can listen to the song below.

Maybe his dedication to his religion as well as his music will inspire you too!

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