A Muslim Sheikh in NY sets guidelines for when it’s okay to beat ones wife

by Phil Schneider

This Sheikh is not in Saudi Arabia. He is not in Iran. He is in New York City. He speaks English well. He also knows the “laws” of when to and when not to beat one’s wife.

Get ready to be freaked out. There are actually laws about when it is OK and when it is not OK to beat one’s wife that are being taught today – in New York. We are not in the Middle Ages. But some people apparently have not made the switch. When people argue that Islam is not the problem, but radical Islam is the problem, it creates some hope for the future. However, when you watch a video of this sort, it most certainly seems to strengthen the viewpoint that it is the actual religion itself that is the problem.

Does this offend Muslims? It should. Should this freak out any person who once considered marrying someone who adheres to the Islamic faith? It should. This stuff is downright scary.

Fifth Column

The biggest issue is whether or not their is a fifth column that is building up in the Western World. In Europe, it is crystal clear that this has happened. In France, England, Sweden, Germany, and most countries except for Poland, the fifth column is a reality. There is now easy way out, and the Islamic neighborhoods will continue to grow and grow and probably take power in a matter of decades.

However, in the United States, it is not too late. In Canada, it is not too late. If the progressive attitudes take over the United States, the country may very well open up the gates to their own demise. Their is indeed a problem with a religion that by it’s very nature looks to take over and dominate the entire world. It’s not politically correct to say it – but it’s the truth.

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