Powerful statement about the Jewish people said by a non-Jew

by Michael Sax

Considering that he isn’t even Jewish, this statement about the Jewish people is even more powerful. Check out what happened on this live TV show!  “This is the most awesome story of human survival ever written”!

Recognizing the truth

Israel and the Jewish people are an amazing story, even miraculous. There are so many powerful, positive stories to write about Israel and the Jewish people, yet the media focuses on other things.

The media has major news headlines about Israel nearly every day, and they’re mostly negative. There are two important facts here. The news is skewed and often wrong about Israel. Many times they have to issue “corrections” or ignore facts altogether. Second, the Middle East needs to be taken in perspective. Israel is a small country surrounded by 22 Arab countries. Israel has 8 million people while the Arab countries have 350 million (of which many are hostile) Muslims. Many cities in Arab countries have populations greater than the entire country of Israel. Israel is a small minority in a very hostile environment.

The statement that says it all

This man recognizes the truth. He knows that Israel is a shining light in a dark, dark region. Despite that, Israelis have made countless contributions to mankind. The world needs to wake up and stop blaming Israel and Jews for everything.

Proof the Media is not correct

Is fake news really the norm when it comes to Israel? Yes. Here are some examples.

1. CNN referred to Tel-Aviv as the capital of Israel. It’s not. Jerusalem is the capital. Israelis never declared Tel-Aviv to be the capital. Who does CNN think they are, to come and tell Israelis what their capital city is?!? CNN later issued a correction about their fake news.

2. The LA Times wrote that “all 12” Arab-Israeli Members of Parliament planned to protest Mike Pence’s speech. This is false. What really happened is that twelve Arab-Israeli MKs planned to protest, while 6 Arab-Israeli members of parliament did not plan to protest. In fact, there are 18 Arab-Israeli members of parliament. This means that there are Arab-Israeli MKs who did not plan to protest Pence. The media wanted you to think it was “all” of the MKs. It wasn’t. Another classic example of fake news.

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