IDF Kill Terrorist from Notorious ‘Tamimi’ Family of Terrorists and Instigators

by Avi Abelow

On Wednesday the IDF entered the Arab village of Nabi Saleh in Samaria to arrest terrorists. A dozen Arabs threw stones at the soldiers. In the exchange, the IDF killed one terrorist from the Tamimi clan.

Roughly a dozen villagers began throwing rocks at the soldiers. At first the soldiers responded with riot dispersal techniques. One rioter, from the Tamimi family, succeeded in hitting one of the soldiers in the head, endangering his life. The soldier responded with live fire.

The soldier wounded the stone-thrower. An IDF medic tried to stabilize the condition of the villager.  But later on, they declared the stone-thrower dead.

In every case that someone is killed, the army spokesperson says that the incident “will be examined”.

Rocks Kill

There have been plenty of cases of Arabs throwing stones at innocent Israeli civilians.  Most of the time, the rocks do not cause major injuries.  However, in certain situations, the rocks seriously injure and even sometimes kill. One of the most famous cases is the tragedy of an infant girl named Adele Biton.  She was in her car seat while her mother drove home.  Arabs hurled rocks at their moving car and seriously injured the infant.  After many months, the baby passed away.

Just two weeks ago an IDF soldier was killed by an Arab terrorist when a rock was dropped on his head from a building.

In that instance as well, the IDF searched for terrorists to arrest them.

The Tamimi Family

The Tamimi clan, of the Nabi Saleh village, has become internationally renowned. They supposedly advocate “non-violence”, but it is a dangerous myth.

They use their daughter Ahed as a poster child.  First off, they constantly provoke IDF soldiers.  But they don’t just do this at any time.  They wait till the press and cameras are ready to record.  Then they egg on their children to harass the soldiers.  These videos then “naturally” go viral via the fake media.  The international anti-Israel press then talk it up and do as much damage to Israel’s image as possible.

Nabi Saleh

Nabi Saleh has become a popular destination for international activists who want to experience the anti-Israel “resistance” up close, led by the Tamimi clan. There are always clashes with the IDF and professional photographers are always on hand to produce compelling images of the rioting Arabs vs the Israeli soldiers.

Ahed Tamimi, the daughter, has become the poster child for anti-Israel instigations.

Ahed instigating IDF soldiers for the cameras 6 Years Ago

And Today

Ahed’s father Bassem Tamimi is inivited to speak at anti-Israel events around the world.

A Change in Policy?

For years the IDF has never took any action against Ahed or her family. Thanks to her latest viral video of hitting an IDF soldier, Ahed is now in jail. Now, one of her family members is dead for throwing a rock at an Israeli soldier.

For years Israel has been extremely lenient in responding to these provocations and rock throwings. We are now seeing a change. Probably because we finally have an admistration in the White House that peace comes with strength and not through appeasement.

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