The most inspiring Israeli war hero you will ever meet

by Leah Rosenberg

What is inspiration? Well, this story right here is a perfect example. One soldier almost lost his life. And what he did after will leave you in awe.

The Israeli War Hero

When you hear this soldier’s story, there is nothing to do but be shocked. It is unbelievable how one commander has the mentality and determination to do what Ziv Shilon did. When it was a matter of life and death, he chose to step in front of his soldiers. That is a true hero. And when he was injured to the point that his life was hanging in the balance, he didn’t panic, but he knew what to do. That would have been amazing enough if it was the end of the story. 

But an Israeli war hero like this did not stop there.

What He Chose With His New Reality 

Ziv chose to keep living, despite losing an arm. Even though he can’t do everything he used to be able to do, he still always strives for more. He completed a marathon in Berlin, which is surprising to say the least. Many people who have suffered like Ziv would just give up. But he chose to keep going. And the fact that he felt his achievement in Berlin made a statement to people all over the world is amazing. He focused on something outside himself during a time when he could have completely just focused on his own accomplishment. 

What an inspiration he is! 

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