Jewish Voice for “Peace” is DESTROYING peace!

by Phil Schneider

The Jewish Voice for Peace claims that they support and work towards a lasting peaceful settlement between Jews and Palestinians. That sounds very positive. But let’s take a closer look.

This is the quote from the website of the Jewish Voice for Peace.

“Jewish Voice for Peace members are serious about making change. We work with diverse communities across the U.S. to achieve a lasting peace for Palestinians and Israelis based on equality, human rights, and freedom.” 

This is indeed a lofty goal. However, it is not at all what they are doing. What they mean is as follows. If the Jews have a State, then the Arabs should have a State. Human rights – If the Jews can live freely, then the Arabs should live freely. Freedom – If the Jews can go anywhere in Israel, then so should the Arabs.

What is inherent in all of the above statements is that the Arabs in israel do NOT have equality, human rights, and freedom. This is a lie.

Nice Goal – Wrong Country

Not only is it not true. It is indeed true about Arabs in every country in the Middle East except Israel. Israel is the only country in the Middle East where Arabs have equality and the right to vote in a genuinely free election. Israel is the only country in the Middle East where Arabs enjoy full human rights (unless they choose the path of terror.) Most of all, there is more freedom in the State of Israel for Arabs then anywhere else in the Middle East.

So, if the Jewish Voice for Peace would like to advance peace, they should work on Israel’s neighbors and get the Arab countries to treat their populations with equality, human rights and freedom.

Big tech Hypocrisy
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