Bibi threatens Iran with more after attacking Iranian targets

by Leah Rosenberg

There is no more important threat to Israel than Iran. But most of the threats from Iran are via what Bibi Netanyahu calls Iran’s proxies. This refers to both the Hizbullah in Israel’s north and Hamas in Israel’s south.

Tactical or Strategic Move

The question that is central about the move of the United States to remove it’s forces from Syria is whether or not it was tactical or strategic. Secretary of State Pompeo declared that it was tactical. But that the basic concept of defeating and stopping ISIS is still a top priority for the Trump administration. I think Bibi Netanyahu is OK with this and accepts the tactical move on one condition – that it is done gradually.

In the Middle East, any sweeping move can be interpreted very easily as a defeat. If the Iranians or ISIS perceive the United States as the loser in the region, it could lead to more offensive moves on their part.

Bibi – the Great Strategist

The way that Bibi Netanyahu handled Barack Obama was masterful. He kept his eye on the main issue – Iran. He gave in to Obama on some matters that cost his some domestic political capital. But he never let down on Iran – even if it meant confronting the President of the United States in Congress or at the UN. This was an excellent strategy, and I think that history will prove that he succeeded in protecting the vital interests of the Jewish State despite giving in on some tactical levels to assuage President Obama.

The way Netanyahu handles President Trump is different. The administration of President Trump and President Obama are almost polar opposites one from another. So, a completely different way needs to be used when dealing with President Trump. However, at this point in time, Prime Minister Netanyahu is busy with his reelection campaign. If he wins, as most polls indicate he will, he should use his mandate to continue to weaken the threats from Israel’s north and strengthen Israel’s hold on the strategic areas in central Israel.


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