Horrific Jew Hatred on Streets of London

by Avi Abelow

The level of Jew hatred that people are willing to publicly show is a disgrace for humanity today. Are we living in 1930 or 2019?

It Always Starts with the Jews

What people seem to forget is that every society that allowed Jew hatred to permeate and become mainstream then self-destructs, bringing down the whole society, not just the Jews.

The most recent example of this is Nazi Germany. What began mainly targeting the Jews spread to target everyone who was seen as “diferent” or posed a threat to the regime. In the end all of Germany paid a high price for the Jew hatred of the Nazi regime, which was destroyed.

The ancient Egyptian Empire, the Roman Empire, the Spanish Catholic Empire etc. are some of the other main regimes that also spearheaded Jew hatred in their socieities. They all self-destructed, bringing horror and ruin to the whole of their societies, not just the Jews.

When will people learn? Will people ever learn? Jew hatred does not pay. Yes, us Jews suffer, but everyone ends of paying for our suffering. Call it the hand of G-d, call it providence, call it whatever you want, it happens.

Seeing the growth of Jew hatred today in the West, in France, Britain, Ireland etc. sends a clear message. If they don’t stop its growth, it will bring those societies down as well. History is clear about that.

In another way of understanding this phenomena, think about it like this. Jew hatred is an evil spirit that takes over a society. That evil does not stay focused just on the Jews, it spreads and ends up effecting everyone.

To make a better world, we need to work on love, respect and true tolerance, not the tolerance the progressive “liberals” preach today, that only tolerates those they agree with.

Video Post by the Israel Advocacy Movement

Together with Sussex Friends of Isreal, the Israel Advocacy Movement documented these events in London.

Racists at Speakers Corner laugh as Jews are abused. If you want to understand how ferociously antisemitism runs through the veins of some communities watch this video.

We visited Speakers Corner with Martin Rankoff and Simon Cobbs, it was their first visit since childhood. They didn’t know what to expect.

– They were called dogs and donkeys
– They were told Hitler was right
– They were told Corbyn was right
– They were called thieves and selfish

The crowd didn’t come to their defence, instead, it erupted with laughter as racist spat insult after insult at them.

All of this took place over two hours and the park wasn’t particularly busy.

For more videos like this:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/israel_advocacy
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/IsraelAdvocacyNet

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