The moment that Obama revealed himself on live TV

by Leah Rosenberg

Obama revealed himself while he was president. He revealed that he truly thought he was doing an excellent job protecting America. How wrong he was.

When Obama Revealed Himself

No, Barak Obama did not improve America’s economy while he was president. He did not improve the chaos throughout the world. In fact, he made it all worse.

Obama’s view on how he thought ISIS should be defeated was absurd. He spoke about “the community of nations” who will get rid of them. The Sunnis. Was Barak Obama that far removed from reality and his job as president? Apparently so, as you can see in the continuation of the interview. Obama revealed himself as a president living in a different world than the rest of us.

And People Blame President Trump?

Just look at the facts. Look at what President Trump has done for America and America’s allies (like Israel). Compare it to what Obama did. The results are clear. But no one cares about the facts. No one cares that Obama made America weak and that Trump picked America up again. No one cares that under Trump, unemployment has been at its lowest in 50 years. Or that he has been protecting religious freedom. Or that he has defended Israel more than any other president. No one seems to care about the truth.

And so, people will still think Obama was the greatest president, despite the fact that he did nothing positive for America or the world. People will still think that all the lies are reality. Those false beliefs will definitely not do America any good.

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