The media whitewashed crimes of ISIS leader – but they’ve been doing it for years

by Leah Rosenberg

If it wasn’t for Honest Reporting, would anyone know the truth? It seems that the media is so twisted nowadays. Almost no one shares the truth.

Honest Reporting and the Media

Why does there even have to be an organization dedicated to reporting the truth? Shouldn’t all media and news outlets share THE NEWS and not a skewed version of the truth?

Yes, they should. But sadly, they don’t. So Honest Reporting needs to – report honestly. It is that simple. Even when it comes to ISIS, somehow, The Washington Post made a grave, grave mistake. They completely whitewashed the terrorist acts of the leader of a TERRORIST group; a group that is responsible for the murder and torture of more people than anyone can imagine.

What About Israel?

The public went wild when The Washington Post made such an absurd and foolish mistake, which is a light word for what they did. But somehow, when it comes to Israel and the Jews, no once cares that the media calls terrorists “innocent” people. No one cares when they claim a bus explosion caused by terrorists was just a “bus fire.” The media either misleads the public about Israel or they just say nothing whenever Israel is attacked.

These misleading and disgraceful headlines have been happening for years. Wake up world. The media has been downplaying terrorists and terrorism for far too long. Do not be hypocritical and let it slide when the headlines are against Israel. Use your moral compass.

Arab Incitement
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