The media is still ignoring Congresswoman Omar’s marriage scandal

by Leah Rosenberg

The media is still refusing to report Ilhan Omar’s marriage scandal. It is absolutely shocking! There is immigration fraud involved. AND her BROTHER?

Omar’s Marriage Scandal

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s marriage scandal should be top news. It is not a new allegation – it has been going on for years. Yet so much evidence has proved that she has committed a crime. Marrying her brother, immigration fraud – why do Americans seem not to care? It sometimes seems that Omar can get away with murder. No matter what she does or says, Leftists act as if she is perfect. But it is time to act. Because America is in trouble.

Ilhan Omar needs to be condemned. There need to be consequences for what she has done. Not only is she an antisemite and anti-American, but she is literally violating the law. When will enough people wake up and care?

What if it Was Trump?

Jon Miller’s point is so important. What if there were ever allegations that Trump married his sister and committed immigration fraud? The media would go crazy. The Left would go wild. President Trump would be impeached. Yet, when Congresswoman Omar has that situation, there is silence from the Left and from the media. Do you see the problem?

Enough of the bias. Enough of the Democrats ignoring the issues that are facing their own party. Something has to be done, and it has to be fast.

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