Candace Owens shamed every Liberal with her speech on race

by Leah Rosenberg

Watch as a white Liberal professor tried to distort Candace Owen’s words. But Owens came back and destroyed every Democrat with her speech on race!

Candace Owens’ Speech on Race

Candace Owens has been called a racist. Candace Owens has been told that she does not know what the main issue facing Black America is. How ironic is that?

When Owens takes the floor, she silences everyone. And she has EVERY right to say what she says. Owens has been a Black in America her entire life. And Liberals come every election to act as if the biggest issue facing Black America is white supremacy. She said, “…it is an attempt to make the election all about race. Every four years you bring up race.” Candace also said, “You just tried to do live what the media does all the time to Republicans, to our president, and to Conservatives. You tried to manipulate what I said to fit your narrative.” How can the Democrats deny what they have done to Candace Owens and Conservatives when she literally caught them while they were doing it?

The Narrative

The narrative that the Liberals try to push about white supremacy is false. Candace Owens proved it. They are trying to work off of a false premise, but the thing is, they have no idea what they are saying. The Liberals are basing their entire agenda not off of any facts, and Owens called them out for it. She ended her testimony powerfully by saying, “And it is ironic that you’re sitting here and you’re having three Caucasian people testify and tell you what their expertise are. You want to know what my expertise are? Black in America. I’ve been black in America my whole life – all 30 years. And I can tell you that you guys have done the exact same thing every four years ahead of an election cycle, and it needs to stop!”

Is anyone really going to look Candace Owens in the eyes and tell her that she’s wrong?

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