The Massive March in Chicago Mainstream Media is Ignoring

by Avi Abelow

Chicago has one of the worst crime rates in the United States, with a horrendous amounts of shootings and homicides, mostly of black on black crime.

Last week 1000 Black men marched in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago against the black on black violence in their community and as a show of unity within the community.

With all of the attention in the US on violence against blacks, one would think that this would make headline news, but the mainstream media didn’t cover the story even though they were all invited to the march. There is a high crime rate in this neighborhood and it’s unfortunate that no news stations covered this moment of strength and unity showing the strength of the black community and their resolve to work together to stop the violence.

Unfortunately, focusing on the issue of black on black crime does not fit the narrative of the leftist media today that blames everything on race, gender, color eetc. The media always gives attention to black lives matter and all of their violent protests, but not about these blacks, who obviously agree that black lives matter, but don’t blame America or the police!

The media prefers to only give coverage when they can blame whites, American society, the police etc. This is similar to the coverage that Israel gets from the media. The media always paints Israel as the bad guy since we have the strong army. They paint Israel as the strong Goliath while the horrendous Muslim terrorists called “palestinians” are painted as the David. However, in truth, the whole cause called “palestine” was a fake cause created by a Muslim Imam to mobilize the whole Muslim world to destroy Israel and kill Jews. With hundreds of millions of Muslims in the Middle East, it is Israel that is the David and our enemies that is the Goliath, yet that doesn’t fit the leftist media agenda either. While not all Muslims want to kill Jews and destroy Israel, tens of millions do, yet this complex reality is never reported by the media since it doesn’t fit it’s agenda.

Media Was Invited Yet Didn’t Report

The Israel United in Christ Church, that organized the 1,000 black man march, reported that two helicopters were on the scene filming the event CBS Chicago and WGN TV, however, NO news stories or headlines were produced.

It is extremely sad, and indicative of the leftist agenda-driven media, that such positive moment going on in a much-needed way for the Chicago community was totally ignored by the media.

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