The Major Mistake the Biden Admin Made Trying to Stop Russia

by Phil Schneider

How do you stop an authoritarian dictator who is spreading his influence via brutal use of his military? Ben Shapiro argues that you do not use reason, but force. Yes, it is good to tone down rhetoric and work to calm the winds. But, the only thing that is truly understood by Putin-like rulers is force.

The key to solving the Russian aggression problem is via a two-pronged approach. First off, America needs to do a clear about-face as far as oil and gas. That will hurt Russia in their pockets as gas prices will fall back down.

But more importantly, America must engage China in a manner that will make it clear to China that if China and Russia work together to spread their influence, China will lost much more than it will gain. China is the joker here. They are the country that is essentially fueling – both literally and figuratively – the Russian aggression.

But the China negotiation would be complicated as China indeed does want to take Taiwan. Only a strong US leader can make it perfectly clear to China that their will be strong military repercussions for any attack on Taiwan. It won’t be Biden nor Kamala. We have a few more very rocky years ahead of us.

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