“Progressive” Leftist Jews Do Not Represent Judaism

by Avi Abelow

The Democrats, starting under President Obama, tried to convince Americans, and American Jews, that Judaism is leftism. Today, that movement is extremely strong within the Democratic party, and too many American Jews believe it.

Back in 2018 former President Obama spoke at New York’s Temple Emanu-El and said that he and his staff would often joke that he was “basically a liberal Jew,” according to the British Daily Mail. In an interview with the Times of Israel, former Obama speechwriter, David Litt said Obama was the most Jewish President the US ever had. New York magazine even had a cover to this effect back in 2011.

So why are so many American Jews leftists?

I’m asked all the time online, via email and in person, “why do so many American Jews vote democrat? Why are so many American Jews against President Trump’s actions that have been good for Israel?” and other similar questions.

My answer is simple. Unfortunately, many American Jews have convinced themselves, with teachings from many of their rabbis and communal leaders, that Judaism is social justice, as defined by today’s left and Democratic party. But they are wrong. Judaism is NOT social justice. The Toray/Bible teaches us that we apply social justice by believing in G-d and following his ways. While helping starving children in Africa is a nice thing to do, it is not social justice.

I tell them to think of RINO’s, Republicans In Name Only

It’s not just the Democrats who are wrong. It’s all those left-wing Jews who have replaced their Judaism with the progressive, leftist ideology of today. That is NOT Judaism.

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