The Last Living Prosecutor of the Nuremberg Trials has a Message for the Next Generation

by Leah Rosenberg

Wow, he is the only prosecutor still alive from the Nuremberg Trials. Listen to how Benjamin Ferencz says you can create a better world.

The Nuremberg Trials

Can anything fully bring the Nazis to justice for the crimes they perpetrated against the Jewish people and against humanity? Not in this world. But everything must be done to try. And Benjamin Ferencz being a prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials was a way to work toward bringing justice.

It is absolutely insane that there are people in the world nowadays who deny the Holocaust. The Germans themselves recorded everything – as Ferencz said. There were witnesses. People saw the atrocities with their own eyes. The evidence still exists today. And people deny it? Sickening! There are still survivors of the Holocaust who are alive. And Benjamin Ferencz is still alive at 101 years old – may he live until 120! Are people really going to look survivors and those like Benjamin in the eyes and say the Holocaust never happened? That all the evidence is a lie? That the Nazis didn’t commit mass slaughter? There are videos. There are objects of proof. There is documentation.

The next generation should learn about the Holocaust. They should visit the concentration camps and hear from those who survived the horrors. And then they should go and tell everyone. They should fight against Holocaust denial.

Let’s all do our part to share videos like the story of Benjamin Ferencz who saw what the Nazis did with his own eyes. Let’s share the stories of the survivors. Let us ensure that Holocaust deniers do not have the final say.

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