The Western Media is Covering for a Brutal “Palestinian” Terrorist

by Phil Schneider

The media outlets that talk about Israel rarely, if ever, seem to get it right. Instead of labeling older former terrorists as older former terrorists, in this instance, they label this person a gentle old man. What is so important is that this is not even an exception – this is the norm.

Are there any media outlets that get it right about Israel? Even the more right-wing outlets often get confused about issues that are labeled as “Palestinian rights.” After all, what could be bad about that? But the truth is that the latest fad of anti-Jewish activism is nearly ALWAYS couched in concern for “Palestinian rights.” This fake concern is not hard to see right through as these same concerned people are not concerned about mistreatment of Arabs by Arabs. The only mistreatment that bothers them is when Jews mistreat Arabs. So, it is not the Arabs that they care about. It is the Jews that concern them.

The pathological focus on the seemingly immoral things that the State of Israel is accused of is the fixation of anti-Semites in today’s day and age. No matter what Israel does, it is labeled the aggressor. No matter what Arabs do, they are called the victim. So, when Israel is bombarded mercilessly and responds with a massive bombardment, Israel is the accused of escalation. But as Dennis Prager said so succinctly, all that needs to be done for there to be peace in the Middle East is for the Arabs to just put down their guns. It’s that simple.

Col. Kemp

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