Israeli Ambassador Shames the UNHRC for its Corruption: How Can you Sleep at Night?

by Leah Rosenberg

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan really gave it to the United Nations here. And they deserve it. Enough of the double standard!

Israeli Ambassador to UN Puts the Human Rights Council in its Place

The United Nations Human Rights Council deserves to be told how wrong they are; how immoral they are. Israeli Ambassador Erdan points out how the UNHRC is one big joke. They don’t defend human rights. They encourage countries to violate human rights by singling out Israel – one of the only countries that DOESN’T violate human rights. Why are there more resolutions against Israel than countries like Iran? Syria? China? And many, many more countries who ACTUALLY have the worst human rights violations of all time.

It is truly a shame that those who are victims of abuse in so many countries do not get the attention and help they need. Why? Because the UN doesn’t actually care to stop human rights violations. They only care to target the one and only Jewish state.

Israel will continue to stand up for itself at the UN until the UN changes its ways. If only more countries would stand up to for the truth and for the real protection of human rights.

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