This Is How China Is Taking Over Asia

by Micha Gefen

China has inked a deal with Tajikistan to build a military base on its border with Afghanistan. The base would be manned by both China and Tajikistan in a bid to curb extremists coming from Afghanistan.

The new Chinese base confirms a lot of the theories that China had supported the Taliban take over in order to manipulate and take control of further. From chaos comes control. This has always been how big powers take over, but the CCP has perfected it.

The base in Tajikistan has come as a bit of a surprise since the agreement between China and Tajikistan would have had to come by way of Moscow as Russia is Tajikistan’s patron. With Russia giving way to China on this issue, it further strengthens the idea that there is a spheres of influence agreement between Moscow and Beijing. China will take the areas closest to them and stay away from Eastern Europe.

Implications For India

After the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, there were some who thought that Russia and India were going to team up to push back on the militant organization’s takeover. That did not happen. With China and Russia now in agreement on Afghanistan, India is being left out and potentially to the mercies of the CCP.

For China, Afghanistan is a double edge sword. On one hand it has produced a trillion dollar opportunity and on the other it is a pandora’s box of terrorism, which when unplugged will fire in all directions.

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