The Jewish People Aren’t Going Anywhere – This Video Proves it

by Leah Rosenberg

There are no words for how inspiring this is. The Jewish people have so much strength. You have to hear the message from this bereaved father.

The Jewish People and Their Strength

The type of strength shown by the Jewish people is remarkable. It is miraculous. The father speaking here lost two of his sons, Hallel and Yagel Yaniv, after an Arab Muslim terrorist murdered them. Somehow, he found the strength to give others strength. He spoke words of faith and love. He did not speak words of hate. He spoke words of peace and commitment to G-d, his people, and his homeland. Hallel and Yagel’s father did not call for revenge or murder. But this is the Jewish people. The nation of Israel is a nation of love and peace. How can the world ignore that? We are the opposite of the culture of hate that exists among too many Arab Muslims!

Hallel and Yagel were just driving their car in their Jewish homeland. They did nothing wrong. And yet, the way of our enemy is to murder and destroy. It is truly sickening. The fact that the world has trouble condemning terrorism is outrageous. The fact that the world claims that Jews don’t have a right to live in their ancient, ancestral homeland is absurd. How dare they stand against the Jewish state and people? How dare they constantly side with terrorists and demand that the Jews give into murderers?

Below is a video of Hallel and Yagel’s sister. This again shows the strength and unwavering faith of the Jewish nation. You will definitely be inspired when you see this.

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