The Real Reason the Wuhan Lab Leak Theory Was Ignored

by Phil Schneider

The mass media hated Donald Trump because Trump called them out for what they are – a bunch of liars – when their political narratives are confronted. So, when Donald Trump, who admittedly made some wrong-headed comments about Covid in the early days, came out accusing a Chinese lab of being the source of the virus, he was roundly ridiculed by the media. They cared less about the truth than they cared about knocking Trump.

But on this matter, Trump was right. Like many other things that don’t fit the politically correct lines, the media is filled with lies and obfuscation. Trump may not have had the best solutions for dealing with the Chinese threats, but he was absolutely right in focusing the world on the largest threat facing the world – and that is definitely Chinese expansionism.

Russia is still a major threat, while Iran and North Korea will continue to stir trouble from their perches. But Putin may actually be willing to have the whole world get involved in a war if he doesn’t attain his goals in the Ukraine. So, Russia is still a major issue. But Russia is a gradually sinking ship with a shrinking and aging population. Putin is invading now, because his nuclear weapons will have less power to threaten neighbors in the coming decades.

China on the other hand is going in the opposite direction. They are gaining more power by the day, and spreading their tentacles across the entire world. Their short-term goal is probably to take over the South China Sea, and they are probably willing to invade Taiwan and endure massive casualties. A 4 million man Army can regroup after losing tens of thousands of men. China has too many single men anyway.

The challenge with China is compounded by the Chinese Communist Party’s propensity to hide their true motives very effectively. The balloon episodes were probably exactly what they seemed like – trial balloons to test the United States’ willingness to deal with a largely harmless threat. They were probably shocked that the balloons were able to fly across wide swaths of the United States before being blown up.

The Wuhan Lab leak was probably a mistake, but who knows if the truth will ever be revealed. But make no mistake about it – China is the enemy that must be confronted. The best methods are not necessarily via war at all. But first, the enemy must be labeled properly.

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